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Earth Day is a time to reflect and take action
Learn about the history of Earth Day and what you can do to take action for planet Earth.
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This Friday is Endangered Species Day
Endangered Species Day is held each year, on the 3rd Friday of May. Click here for more information on Endangered Species Day and to find events in your area. *Mongabay Kids ...
Take Action
Advocating for giraffes
By Mary Dagg, Anne Innis Dagg Foundation Giraffe numbers have declined significantly from the impact of people. People have been hunting them for their bones, skin and meat. ...
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Moth activities for all ages!
There are many ways to enjoy moths. Here are a few activities to keep you busy this moth week: 1. Go mothing Mothing means searching for moths. You can do this at home (using ...
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Let’s get excited about small mammals!
Mice, rats, hedgehogs, solenodons, moles, muskrats… Are these animals gross and frightening, cute and cuddly, or just plain cool? Today, we want to talk about the little...