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World Rainforest Day is June 22
Rainforests are awesome and essential for the health of humans and our planet. Why? rainforests support a tremendous diversity of plants and animals they help regulate the ...
Field Trip
Tanya is a lawyer who helps endangered species
Tanya Sanerib is a lawyer who works to protect endangered species. Find out what she is doing to help protect giraffes.
Art and Craft, Nature Lab
Make your own monster movie poster!
Activity – create a monster movie poster from the perspective of a plant or animal of your choice Have you ever seen a poster for a movie that you liked, either at a ...
What are ossicones? And why do giraffes have spots?
The Junior Giraffe Club has prepared these videos to answer some frequently asked questions about giraffes.
Wild News
Students in northern Tanzania enjoy visiting their local national parks
By Monica Bond, Wild Nature Institute What would it be like to have giraffes, elephants, zebras, cheetahs, and lions hanging out in your ‘backyard?’ Children in the Monduli ...
Field Trip
Matana studies what giraffes like to eat
Matana Levi loves giraffes and science. Matana is studying what types of plants giraffes eat in northern Tanzania to better understand what giraffes need to survive.
Wild News
Kids talk about giraffes and life through pen pal program
Kids around the world love giraffes. Now kids in Tanzania who live around wild giraffes and kids in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia), the United States (New York, ...
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Solve It! for Kids science podcast
We chat to the co-hosts of science podcast Solve It! for Kids and learn about 10 awesome animal-themed episodes.

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