Wild News
Kids help restore Brazil’s Atlantic forest
Iracambi's Eco-leader Program helps kids get outside, have fun, and collect seeds to regrow the forest.
Wild News
Meet the Japanese butterfly that needs human landscapes to survive
Scientists and community members have teamed up to create good habitat for Japan's endangered miyamashijimi butterfly.
Wild News
Ants help protect bird nests in musical African acacia trees
Crematogaster ants guard whistling thorn trees against hungry giraffes and elephants ... and it turns out they help birds too.
a rattlesnake
Wild News
Rattlesnake friends help calm each other down
In a study, having a snake buddy around helped reduce stress in rattlesnakes.
giant armadillo
Wild News
Giant armadillos vs. beekeepers: How can this problem be solved?
A conservation project is helping beekeepers and giant armadillos coexist in Brazil.
European eel
Wild News
Conservationists in Italy work to help save endangered European eels
Conservationists in Italy are creating passages in rivers to help critically endangered European eels migrate.
a Papuan hornbill
Puzzles and Games
Fungus memory game
Have some FUN and find the matching pairs of fungi!
Puzzles and Games
Frog matching game!
Test your memory skills with this frog matching challenge. We know you can do it!
coral reef spot the difference puzzle
Art and Craft
Color and learn: pangolin
Learn more about pangolins Pangolins are scaly mammals that live in Asia and Africa Celebrate World Pangolin Day
Art and Craft
Create your own African savanna scene
Repurpose items from home to make this fun craft!
Art and Craft
Color and learn: Masai giraffe
Learn about Masai giraffes and enjoy some mindful coloring!