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  • Raise awareness about environmental issues.

  • Provide kids, families, and educators with knowledge and tools to create a more sustainable future for all.

We believe our future can be bright!

Latest posts

Field Trip
Book Look: The Elephant’s New Shoe
Author Laurel Neme tells us the story of Chhouk, an injured Asian elephant who was rescued and given a special prosthetic leg.
Comic, Doug Beetle
Doug Beetle: Meet Doug Beetle!
Meet Doug, an enthusiastic and cheerful dung beetle.
Comic, Sofia Ceiba
Sofia Ceiba: Hello, I’m Sofia!
Meet Sofia, a curious tree with boundless energy for learning and conservation.
Candid Animal Cam, Video
Meet the world’s biggest anteater
In this episode of Candid Animal Cam, Romi introduces us to the world’s biggest anteater … Did you know? The scientific name of the giant anteater is Myrmecophaga ...
Candid Animal Cam, Video
A dazzle of zebras
In this episode of Candid Animal Cam, meet some stripy residents of African grasslands. Did you know? There are three zebra species in Africa. The plains zebra (Equus quagga) ...
Wild greetings
Mother’s Day on Mongabay!
For all the mothers and carers out there. Wishing you a happy day!

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