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Join the lemur drawing challenge!
Join the 2022 World Lemur Festival drawing challenge to help inspire the world to love lemurs and take action to save them from extinction.
Puzzles and Games
Take the rhino quiz!
What do you know about rhinos? Find out by taking our rhino quiz!
Wild News
Bats in Indonesia help people by pollinating crops
Ecosystem services are things nature provides for humans that help us survive and stay healthy. For example, plants produce oxygen that helps us breathe. Plants also provide ...
Candid Animal Cam
Meet the bearded pig – a pig that migrates
Fun facts about the bearded pig! The bearded pig lives in Southeast Asia. It is found in rainforests, mangroves, coastal areas, and mountain forests. Bearded pigs swim well. ...
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What is a plover?
Do you know what a plover is? Take this quiz to find out!
The Feature Creature
How many legs does a caterpillar have?
Have you ever wondered how many legs a caterpillar has or if caterpillar “feet” are sticky? We have! So we asked expert moth-er David Moskowitz (hand pictured) to ...
Candid Animal Cam, Puzzles and Games
Meet the pampas cat
Watch this episode of Candid Animal Cam. Then, take the pampas cat quiz!
hermit crab with anemone on back
Wild News
This hermit crab ‘befriends’ anemones on the sea floor
Meet a hermit crab and a newly described anemone that it carries on its shell.

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