sea turtle species
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Young people in Brazil share their climate change stories
Three young people share how they've been impacted by droughts, heat, and flooding in Brazil.
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Seabird poop helps restore coral reefs 
Scientists working on reefs in the Indian Ocean have discovered that nutrients from seabird poop help corals grow!
spinifex grass in Australia
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The Martu people of Western Australia burn their land to help plants grow
First Nations people in Australia, like the Martu, have been using cultural burning to manage land, plants, and animals for thousands of years.
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Meet Djoko, Indonesia’s champion frog explorer
Djoko has waded through marshes, hiked forests, ascended peaks, tracked rivers, and led expeditions in search of new frogs!
Celebrate horseshoe crabs
World Giraffe Week
World Giraffe Week
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World Giraffe Week 2024: Super spots!
It is that time of year when we throw a special party for the world's tallest animal. This year's theme is super spots!
An otter
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There are 13 species of otters
This year World Otter Day is May 25. Let's celebrate these amazing, water-loving, playful, carnivorous mammals.
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Meet some chameleons of Madagascar, with Dr. Frank Glaw
Madagascar is home to an amazing diversity of chameleons, from the teeny tiny to the large and colorful! Expert Dr. Frank Glaw describes some of his favorites...
hippo birthday party
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What do we do with our stuff when we are done with it?
A large amount of recyclable stuff ends up as litter or in landfill instead of becoming new bottles, toys, cans, and other useful things. We can change this!
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What is seagrass and why is it important?
Seagrasses are aquatic plants that are super important for planet Earth. Learn more!

Migratory birds: Can you spot the 10 differences?

spot the difference migratory birds puzzle
spot the difference migratory birds puzzle
which of these images is a horseshoe crab?
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Quiz: What is a horseshoe crab?
Horseshoe crabs may not be on your top 10 list of favorite animals, but maybe they ought to be. Take the quiz to learn why!
parrot memory game