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Puzzles and Games
African forest animal search
Search the forest to find 30 types of animals.
Take Action
Decorate wisely to help nature!
Parties are awesome! But some party decorations are better for nature than others. Read our tips for nature-friendly decorating.
Talking to Plants
Talking to Plants: featuring Cari Araucaria
Sofia Ceiba talks to Cari the araucaria tree. These trees were once munched by dinosaurs but they are now at risk and need our attention.
Wild News
Friends work together to discover new plant species in Sri Lanka
Working together, three botanists discover a new plant species in the Knuckles mountain range of central Sri Lanka.
A labeled map of South America
Field Trip
Take a field trip to South America to meet some awesome animals
Travel to South America to meet some awesome animals and the people who find them fascinating.
Have you heard of Mongabay Kids?
Mongabay Kids has turned 1!
Mongabay Kids is celebrating our 1-year anniversary! Mongabay Kids is the nature and conservation corner for kids (and their adults). Visit us to explore, celebrate, and ...
The Feature Creature
Challenge yourself to the shrimp quiz!
What do you know about shrimp? Test your knowledge and maybe learn something new!
Wild News
“Howl” to count wolves in India…
It’s not clear exactly how many Indian wolves live in the grasslands outside Pune. But scientists and conservationists would like to find out! 
Art and Craft, Nature Lab
Create your own informative coloring page!
We’ve recently featured several fact-filled coloring pages: beaver, tiger, pangolin. Create your own color & learn page! You could create one about your favorite animal. ...

Coloring pages!

At Mongabay Kids, our mission is to inspire all kids (and their adults) to explore, celebrate, and conserve plants, animals, and ecosystems, wherever nature happens.
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