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Candid Animal Cam
What is a red panda?
Red pandas and giant pandas share a name and both eat bamboo, but are they both bears?
Talking to Plants
Talking to Plants: featuring Cari Araucaria
Sofia Ceiba talks to Cari the araucaria tree. These trees were once munched by dinosaurs but they are now at risk and need our attention.
Art and Craft, Nature Lab
Create your own informative coloring page!
Create your own color & learn page and share it with friends and family!
a sign in front of a forest
Take Action
10 ways kids can help the environment
Every day is a good day to help the environment. Here are 10 ideas of things you can do!
Candid Animal Cam
In reverse, these coatis look like tiny sauropods!
Coati or dinosaur? You decide!
Art and Craft, Nature Lab
Make your own monster movie poster!
Create a monster movie poster featuring your favorite animal or plant.
sugar maple

The weekly comic

At Mongabay Kids, our mission is to inspire all kids (and their adults) to explore, celebrate, and conserve plants, animals, and ecosystems, wherever nature happens.

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