Wild News
Mapping the fantastic fungi networks under our feet
A team of scientists is mapping mycorrhizal networks - the tangle of roots and fungi in the soil beneath our feet.
Comic, Doug Beetle
Doug Beetle: dung beetle job sites
Dung beetles help clean up poop around the world. Take a tour of their job sites.
Amazon river dolphin
The Feature Creature
Meet the boto, dolphin of the forest!
Botos, or Amazon river dolphins, are one of only a handful of freshwater dolphin species in the world.
The Feature Creature
Meet the Gila monster
Meet a colorful venomous lizard found in the deserts of the United States and Mexico.
The Feature Creature, Wild News
Scuba lizards!
Meet some lizards that can rebreathe underwater.
Candid Animal Cam
Wombats have cube-shaped poo!
Learn about wombats and their cube-shaped poo in this episode of Candid Animal Cam.
The Feature Creature, Wild News
Thrill to the Krill
Learn about krill! These important organisms are a food source for many animals and play a role in carbon storage.
Comic, Sofia Ceiba
Sofia Ceiba: Hello, I’m Sofia!
Meet Sofia, a curious tree with boundless energy for learning and conservation.

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