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Seabird poop helps restore coral reefs 
Scientists working on reefs in the Indian Ocean have discovered that nutrients from seabird poop help corals grow!
spinifex grass in Australia
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The Martu people of Western Australia burn their land to help plants grow
First Nations people in Australia, like the Martu, have been using cultural burning to manage land, plants, and animals for thousands of years.
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Meet Djoko, Indonesia’s champion frog explorer
Djoko has waded through marshes, hiked forests, ascended peaks, tracked rivers, and led expeditions in search of new frogs!
a bioluminescent beetle
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Brazil’s bioluminescent insects are under threat
Habitat loss and pesticides are a problem for bioluminescent insects like fireflies. And scientists worry that light pollution may be a threat to them too.

Migratory birds: Can you spot the 10 differences?

spot the difference migratory birds puzzle
spot the difference migratory birds puzzle