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Have you ever looked closely at frogs? You should!
Let’s appreciate frogs…because frogs are fabulous. There are at least 6000 different species of frogs that we know about. Let’s look at a few close up. Look at the...
Wild News
Māori divers remove starfish to protect a coral reef
Project Taramea trains young Māori divers in the Cook Islands to remove crown-of-thorns starfish that eat corals.
Field Trip
Larissa studies and protects the buffy-tufted marmoset
Researcher Larissa Vaccarini tells us about a tiny monkey called the buffy-tufted marmoset, from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.
The Feature Creature
August 12 is World Elephant Day!
August 12 is World Elephant Day. Celebrate these awesome giants of the animal world!
Art and Craft
African elephant coloring page
Celebrate elephants! Enjoy this African elephant coloring page.
Wild News
Well, well, well – chimps use technology and they may teach it too
Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives of humans. Like us, chimpanzees use technology. Jane Goodall discovered chimpanzees using twigs to go “fishing” for ...
Art and Craft
Celebrate lions with art!
Did you know? People have been creating images of lions for tens of thousands of years. In the Paleolithic, 35,000 years ago, humans painted a type of cave lion on the walls ...
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Simba means lion in Swahili
Learn about lions. And learn how to say 10 animal names in Swahili.

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