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Candid Animal Cam
Geoffroy’s cats caught on camera trap!
Comprehension questions: Is the Geoffroy’s cat good or bad at swimming? Is the Geoffroy’s cat a common or rare species of cat? Where does the Geoffroy’s cat ...
Art and Craft, Nature Lab
Nature journaling!
Keeping a nature journal is a fantastic way to connect with nature! What to journal about? You can draw any plants, animals, fungi, or nature scenes that you like. Ideas ...
The Feature Creature
Owls that live in the ground?!
Everybody knows that owls fly around at night and build their nests in trees, right?  Torotoroka scops-owl (Otus madagascariensis) in Madagascar. Image by Rhett A. ...
Wild News
Old buses gain new life in plan to help Sri Lanka’s fish
How can you help fish and give old buses a new life at the same time? In Sri Lanka, an island country in the Indian Ocean, government agencies have a plan to do just that. The...
Wild News
Some bees drink sweat and tears
Bee news update! In India, a type of bee belonging to a group called Lisotrigona has been observed feeding on something that might seem a little unusual: the sweat and tears ...
Art and Craft, Take Action
Moth activities for all ages!
There are many ways to enjoy moths. Here are a few activities to keep you busy this moth week: 1. Go mothing Mothing means searching for moths. You can do this at home (using ...
Talking to Plants
A famous orchid-moth pairing from Madagascar
Today’s guest: Angraecum sesquipedale, an orchid from Madagascar Sofia: Hello! Today we are visiting the lowland rainforests of Madagascar. Our guest asked us to meet on...
Field Trip
Meet the Moth-ers: Pritha from India
Who are the Moth-ers? Lovers of moths, that’s who! In this series, we meet some moth-ers from around the world. We’ll learn why moths are interesting and how ...
Video: An eclipse of moths! With Doug Beetle
Thanks to National Moth Week and to Ken Childs and Juan Carlos García Morales for images.

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