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a 3D scan of a frog
Wild News, Wild Tech
New tech can capture small animals in 3D!
A conservation photographer has created tech that can scan live animals in 3D.
ecology challenge
Nature Lab
Try the December 2023 Seek challenge
Are you ready for this month's Seek challenge? Get outdoors and discover animals and plants!
Wild News
Fireflies light up Sri Lanka
Fireflies have enchanted people for millions of years. They are light-emitting insects.  
Art and Craft, Nature Lab
Nature art challenge: Discovery in the treetops!
Imagine an animal new to science that might live in the forest canopy.
sperm whale
Wild News
Good news: Sperm whale sanctuary being created in Dominica
The tiny island nation of Dominica is creating a special reserve to protect endangered sperm whales.
Comics, Sofia Ceiba
Sofia Ceiba: Proud to be me!
Learn what features make Sofia Ceiba a pretty awesome tree.
Puzzles and Games
Gobble up this turkey quiz!
When were turkeys first domesticated? Do you know how many species of turkeys there are? Find out these and other turkey fun facts!

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a sign in front of a forest
At Mongabay Kids, our mission is to inspire all kids (and their adults) to explore, celebrate, and conserve plants, animals, and ecosystems, wherever nature happens.

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