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It's giraffe week on Mongabay Kids!

June 21: it's World Giraffe Day! (click image)

All about the woman who loves giraffes!

Conservation alert!

Shout-out to the Junior Giraffe Club!

Recent posts

Talking to Plants
Sofia talks with Lou Bamboo
Today’s guest: Bamboo Sofia: Hi, I’m Sofia Ceiba, and on this episode of Talking to Plants we are going to meet some bamboo.  We’re in China now talking to Lou Bamboo, or at ...
Field Trip
Book Look: I am Farmer
Learn about the inspiring work of environmentalist Farmer Tantoh and his quest to help bring clean water and gardens to Cameroon.
Comic, Doug Beetle
Doug Beetle: dung beetle job sites
Dung beetles help clean up poop around the world. Take a tour of their job sites.
Comic, Sofia Ceiba
Sofia Ceiba: celebrity Ceibas!
© SOFIA CEIBA created by David Brown & Megan Strauss
Candid Animal Cam, Video
Meet the tayra, resident of the Americas
This time on Candid Animal Cam, Romi introduces the tayra, a widespread member of the weasel family, found in Mexico and Central and South America … Read more on ...
Art and Craft, Puzzles and Games
Animal alphabet code cracking
For thousands of years animals have inspired artists and designers. (Think of cave paintings, leopard print clothes, dog portraits, and more!) Among them, is illustrator and ...
Nature Lab, Video
Hi, I’m a wagtail
Our friends at Mongabay India have created this fantastic video, all about a little bird called the grey wagtail.  In winter this migratory bird flies from the upper ...
Field Trip
Book Look: One Plastic Bag
Doug Beetle finds out about the amazing story of Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of The Gambia, who came up with a clever solution to plastic pollution.
Wild News
Surprise sighting: giant river otter spotted in Argentina
This video shows a giant river otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) spotted by a conservationist kayaking the Bermejo River in Argentina’s Impenetrable National Park. The giant ...
The Feature Creature, Wild News
Scuba lizards!
Meet some lizards that can rebreathe underwater.

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