A blue dart frog. Image: Rhett A. Butler

Your mission:

Create a frog-themed work of art. Draw, paint, or sculpt. Draw a comic strip featuring a frog character. Or create froggy food art: frog pancakes, anyone?

You may want to paint your favorite frog (or frogs). Click here for inspiration.

You may want to invent new funny frogs. Tomato frogs live in Madagascar. But have you heard of a basil frog?

You could make a poster about your local frog species to share with others. Do you know anything about the frogs that live in your neighborhood? Are any of your local frogs threatened by pollution, loss of habitat, or the warming climate? School is a good place to share your froggy poster. Or, ask to post it on a community noticeboard at your supermarket or library.


paint a frog
Salad frogs
fun frogs

Conservation alert!

Many frogs around the world are facing challenges. Frog numbers are dropping. Some species of frogs are threatened with extinction. But there is hope.

You can help frogs thrive. Learn about the frogs that live in your local area. Visit your nature center or library to find out what you can do to help protect frogs and their habitats.