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Humans have built roads for thousands of years. Today, new roads are being built rapidly, even in very remote parts of the world. These roads can create benefits for humans but they also pose risks to the environment. And where we build roads matters.

Addressing environmental issues is often a complex process, involving balancing environmental health with human needs. Generally, there are multiple stakeholders and different viewpoints to consider. Use the discussion questions below to start a conversation with your kids or students about the issue described in the video. 

Discussion questions:

1. Discuss some benefits of roads for human societies. Can you think of any additional benefits that were not mentioned in the video?

2. Discuss some challenges that roads pose to biodiversity and the environment more generally. Also think about the placement of roads – is a road built on a forest edge likely to have the same impacts as a road built through the middle of a forest?

3. What are some of the ways that roads are used to help the environment or aid conservation?

4. In small groups, or as a class, brainstorm what factors we should consider when we build new roads. Can you think of any ways of protecting biodiversity near roads? (For instance, in some locations, tunnels and bridges are used to provide safe pathways for traveling animals.)