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Read some of the latest news from Mongabay, adapted for kids.


Nature-themed e-books for early readers (K-1).

Conversation Starters

For grades 3+

Explore topics in biodiversity and the environment with our Conversation Starters series. Use the videos and discussion questions to start a conservation with your kids or students today!

Take your students on a virtual adventure!

Take an Adventure in the Annamites! In this series, we go on a virtual adventure with scientist and conservationist Camille Coudrat and the team at Association Anoulak. We explore the biodiversity of the remote Annamite Mountains of Laos. This series also introduces students to the challenges and highlights of doing fieldwork in a remote forest location. Produced in partnership with Association Anoulak.

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Field Trips:

Around the world many people work to learn about our environment, protect nature, and raise environmental awareness. Read inspiring interviews with scientists, conservationists, authors, and artists.

Access our full range of Field Trip interviews here!

Lesson series: parts 1–4

Grades 3–5

Biodiversity articles: parts 1–4

Grade 2 reading level
Grade 3 reading level

Oceans and coral reef articles: parts 1–3

Grade 5 reading level
*With thanks to Lisa Algee for curriculum development for the lesson series and article series.