By Kayla Harren and David Brown. From Nature’s Giants magazine, courtesy of Wild Nature Institute.

Challenge yourself to find the 30 different types of animals in this African rainforest scene:
  1. The Goliath beetle is the heaviest beetle in the world.
  2. The anomalure is the African cousin of flying squirrels.
  3. Bongo are the largest antelope species in the forest. Look for 2 bongos.
  4. African forest elephants build trails through the forest. Look for 2 elephants.
  5. Red river hogs live near rivers and swamps in the forest. Look for 3 adults and 3 piglets.
  6. Gorillas are the largest primates in the forest – and the world.
  7. Savanna buffalo are black, but forest buffalo are orange!
  8. Giant otter shrews live like otters, but are actually tenrecs. Look for 2 otter shrews.
  9. The African golden cat can climb, but mostly hunts on the ground.
  10. The chevrotain resembles a miniature deer, but is in its own family. Find 7 chevrotains.
  11. The yellow-backed duiker is a small antelope on the forest floor. Look for 2 duikers.
  12. The Gaboon viper blends in well with the logs and brown leaves.
  13. African lungfish are snakelike and can survive on land as well as water.
  14. Elephant fish are named for their trunk-like noses. Look for 2 elephant fish.
  15. The giant baboon spider is Africa’s largest spider. Find 4 giant baboon spiders.
  16. The chimpanzee is the closest living relative to humans. Look for 2 chimpanzees.
  17. The great blue turaco has a crest of feathers on its head. Look for 3 great blue turacos.
  18. The grey parrot is a highly intelligent parrot. Look for 2 grey parrots.
  19. The palm civet is a small, spotted cat-like mammal related to mongooses.
  20. The boomslang is a venomous snake that lives in the forest canopy.
  21. The leopard is the largest predator species in the African rainforest.
  22. The white-bellied pangolin has scales and a prehensile tail. Find 2 pangolins.
  23. The black and white colobus monkey leaps through the canopy. Find 3 colobuses.
  24. The galago is a nocturnal primate with big eyes and big ears. Find 4 galagos.
  25. Wolf’s guenon is a yellow monkey in the forest canopy. Look for 2 Wolf’s guenons.
  26. The potto is a nocturnal primate with large eyes and no tail. Look for 2 pottos.
  27. Hornbills have large bills and help disperse fruit and seeds in the forest. Find 4 hornbills.
  28. The Congo sunbird has a long bill for sipping nectar from flowers. Find 4 sunbirds.
  29. The yellow bat flies through the forest eating insects. Look for 2 yellow bats.
  30. Gaboon forest tree frogs live in the forest canopy. Find 6 Gaboon forest tree frogs.