Grab your passport and get ready to go! Visit the three regions of Madagascar where the crowned sifaka, diademed sifaka, and collared brown lemur live.

Educators or caregivers:

Age 6 and up


Passport to Madagascar

Grab your passport and get ready to go. It’s time for a Madagascar safari!

This activity can be used by anyone looking for a fun and engaging way to learn about lemurs! Teachers can set up stations in their classroom, zoo educators can set up tables in front of their lemur exhibit, organizations celebrating the World Lemur Festival can do the same wherever they hold an event, and parents can easily set up this activity at home!

How It Works

In Passport to Madagascar, participants “visit” three different parts of Madagascar, where each one of the 2020 World Lemur Festival featured lemur species calls home.

  1. At each Education Station, use the corresponding one page info sheet to learn about the featured lemur species found in that area.
  2. Then, complete the task for each station and write about what you learned in your Passport to Madagascar Field Notebook to earn your passport stamps!
You need the two files below for this activity:

This activity was created for the 2020 World Lemur Festival. Courtesy of the Lemur Conservation Network and the Louisiana Lemur Foundation.