Celebrate frogs. Learn about frogs. Take action to help frogs.

Frogs are awesome. They look great. They eat insects. They help alert us to pollution and unhealthy waterways.

World Frog Day is March 20. But every day is the perfect day to celebrate frogs!

celebrate frogs

Images: Rhett A. Butler

Frog game: Find the matching pairs!

All images: Rhett A. Butler

*This game works best on a desktop computer or tablet.

Learn about frogs

Frogs in the news

How to help frogs

Here are several ideas for how you can help your local frogs:

  1. Don’t pollute. Frogs are sensitive to pollution and pesticides in waterways. Dispose of household chemicals in thoughtful ways and reduce use of pesticides.
  2. Build a frog pond. Create a frog-friendly habitat at home or at your school. There are many online resources about the best way to build a frog pond. You can also ask your local nature center for advice. After you build the pond, sit back and wait for native frogs to move in!
  3. Learn about frogs. Go outside and learn about your local frog species. What do they look like? What calls do they make? We recommend the Seek app by iNaturalist to help you identify species. Avoid touching or disturbing the frogs. Enjoy their presence! You can also research frog facts online or at your local library.
  4. Spread awareness. Frogs are at risk around the world. Teach others how to care for frogs and frog habitats.
Waxy monkey frog. Photographer: Rhett A. Butler

Additional resources for educators


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