Part 3: how can you help giraffes?

We can all help secure a better future for giraffes!

People all over the world LOVE giraffes. What are some things that you can do to help protect giraffes and their habitats? Let’s find out!

But how can I help giraffes?

  • Become aware! Once we know a problem exists, we can work to fix it.


  • Join a nature club, like the Junior Giraffe Club:


  • Share your knowledge! Teach others what you’ve learned about giraffes and their conservation needs.
Giraffe expert Anne Dagg shares her knowledge and passion for giraffes with a young Canadian giraffe enthusiast. Image: Anne Innis Dagg Foundation.


  • Support sustainable eco-tourism: visit the places where giraffes live in the wild and help support local economies.
  • Support giraffe research and conservation projects: fundraise, donate, or volunteer.


  • Ask your local zoo if they have a giraffe conservation program you can support.


  • Become a citizen scientist, researcher, or conservationist.
    Check out Kait’s story, as she pursues her passion to study giraffes. Click here!
  • Support habitat restoration projects in giraffe range states.
  • Help protect and restore habitat where you live – you may not live near giraffes, but the earth is interconnected and protecting habitat where you live is a great way to do your part!

This celebration of World Giraffe Week is brought to you in partnership with the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation and the Wild Nature Institute.

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