How can you help giraffes?

We can all help secure a better future for giraffes!

People all over the world LOVE giraffes. Here are things that you can do to help protect giraffes and their habitats:

  • Become aware! Once we know a problem exists, we can work to fix it.
  • Join a nature club, like the Junior Giraffe Club.
  • Share your knowledge! Teach others what you’ve learned about giraffes and their conservation needs.
Giraffe expert Anne Dagg shares her knowledge and passion for giraffes with a young Canadian giraffe enthusiast. Image: Anne Innis Dagg Foundation.
  • Don’t buy giraffe body parts and help change laws that allow importation of giraffe parts into your country. Click here for more information.
  • Support sustainable eco-tourism: visit the places where giraffes live in the wild and help support local economies.
  • Support giraffe research and conservation projects: fundraise, donate, or volunteer.
  • Ask your local zoo if they have a giraffe conservation program you can support.
  • Become a citizen scientist, researcher, or conservationist: Check out Kait’s story, as she pursues her passion to study giraffes. Click here!
  • Support habitat restoration projects in giraffe range states.
  • Help protect and restore habitat where you live – you may not live near giraffes, but the earth is interconnected and protecting habitat where you live is a great way to do your part!
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This post was written as part of the 2021 celebration of World Giraffe Week, brought to you in partnership with the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation and the Wild Nature Institute.

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