Example: An ocean scene

I see a seal. I see a shark. I see some jellies, and some fish, and some coral too. And I sea seaweed. Hmm, I see some eyes lurking in the dark. What or who could be hiding in the underwater cave?

an underwater scene made out of cut paper

A family worked together to create this underwater scene.

Activity: Create a nature scene with paper

Materials: What do you need?

materials for paper craft
  • A large piece of paper, card, or recycled cardboard for your background (Tip: You can paint your background if you’d like!)
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper or scraps of paper of different colors (Tip: You can add recycled materials like gift wrap, fabric scraps, bottle caps. Or even dried lentils, beans, or pasta.)
  • Glue stick (or craft glue or paste)
  • Tweezers (Not essential, but these are a helpful tool if you want to arrange small bits of paper on your background.)

Ideas for scenes

Here are a few ideas for scenes to get you thinking:

  • a rainforest canopy full of birds, snakes, frogs, and insects, with blue sky overhead
  • a pond scene, where you show above and below the water surface
  • a close up of the grass in your backyard and the insects that inhabit this miniature world
  • tide pools full of anemones, fish, algae, and other life
  • nighttime in the forest, with shadowy trees and the glowing eyes of carnivores on the hunt for prey
  • a rocky beach, with shorebirds exploring in search of tasty crustaceans and mollusks
  • a community garden, with raised garden beds full of veggies, fruit trees, a compost bin, and a team of eager gardeners
  • a group of friends cleaning up a park or river
  • a kid reading a book about adventures in a far off land, with thought bubbles showing what this land looks like and what animals live there

You can do this activity by yourself or with a friend, family member, or a group of classmates.

Have fun!

If you’d like to share your art with us, parents or guardians can email artwork to the Editors at kids [@] mongabay.com.