Author page: Megan Strauss

Lemur ethogram activity

Time to learn about ethograms! This activity is courtesy of the Lemur Conservation Network and the Louisiana Lemur Foundation. Educators: Description of the activity (For ages 10+) This activity helps you observe lemurs at your local zoo (or via a zoo webcam). You will list…

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Bamboo lemur coloring activity!

Hello, I’m an eastern lesser bamboo lemur (Hapalemur griseus). I live in Madagascar and I like to eat bamboo! Would you like to color in a drawing of me? Learn more about this lovely lemur from the Duke Lemur Center: *Mongabay Kids is not…

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3D printing is helping injured wildlife

Fitting Beauty the bald eagle with a prosthetic beak. Image courtesy of Janie Veltkamp. The science of creating prosthetics, artificially created replacements for injured or missing body parts, is rapidly advancing for humans. And now, researchers are using the same technology to help injured wildlife.…

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