Did you know?

People have been creating images of lions for tens of thousands of years. In the Paleolithic, 35,000 years ago, humans painted a type of cave lion on the walls of a cave in southeastern France. Their paintings looked like this:

A replica of lions painted in the Chauvet Cave (France). Public domain.

Now it’s your turn to be inspired by lions. Create some lion art!

Image by Maria Salazar


Use your imagination to craft an image (drawing, painting, collage) or a sculpture (using clay, play dough, or recycled materials) of a lion or a group of lions. (A pride is the name for a group of lions that live together. A pride is made up of adult females, their offspring, and a coalition of adult males.)

Think about what the lions in your artwork are doing. Are they standing and looking out over their savanna or woodland home? Are they stalking a herd of wildebeest? Are they sleeping or resting on a rocky outcrop? Are they playing (cubs) or fighting (adult males)?

Have fun and be creative!

Here are some photos for inspiration:

Image: Rhett A. Butler