Let’s meet the red panda

Scientific name: Ailurus fulgens

Take the red panda quiz!

Extra questions!

  1. Describe 2 ways red pandas use their tails.
  2. Red pandas are endangered. What are some threats to these animals in the wild? What are some ways we can help conserve red pandas?

What’s in a name?

Red panda, red bear-cat, lesser panda…these are just some of the many names people call the red panda.

  • Why do you think red pandas have so many different common names?
  • Can you think of another animal or plant that is called by lots of different names?
  • What is a scientific name? Why do you think it is important for species to have a scientific name?
Image: Rhett A. Butler

Red panda art activity

Draw, paint, or create a collage of a red panda. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  1. A red panda curled up in a tree, using its tail as a pillow.
  2. A red panda feeding on bamboo leaves.
  3. A labeled diagram showing the difference between a red panda and a giant panda.

Or, come up with your own idea!

For more inspiration, check out these photos of red pandas:

WWF: Where do red pandas live? And other red panda facts

Have fun!

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