Let’s meet the red panda (scientific name: Ailurus fulgens):

Test your knowledge!

  • Where do red pandas live?
  • Are red pandas related to giant pandas?
  • What is torpor? Why do red pandas go into torpor?
  • Describe 2 ways red pandas use their tails.
  • What is the red panda’s diet?
  • Name 2 predators that prey on red pandas.
  • Red pandas are endangered. What are some threats to these animals in the wild? What are some ways we can help conserve red pandas?

What’s in a name?!

Red panda, red bear-cat, lesser panda … these are just some of the names given to the red panda.

  • Why do you think red pandas have so many different common names?
  • Can you think of another animal or plant that is called by lots of different names?
  • What is a scientific name? Why do you think it is important for species to have a scientific name?

Red panda art activity!

Draw or paint a picture of a beautiful, brightly colored red panda. Here are a few ideas of what you could draw:

  1. A red panda curled up in a tree, using its tail as a pillow.
  2. A red panda feeding on bamboo leaves.
  3. A drawing showing the difference in appearance between a red panda and a giant panda.

Or, come up with your own idea!

For inspiration, check out these photos of red pandas:


Have fun!

For more information about red pandas, visit Romi’s article on Mongabay.com:


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