In this episode of Candid Animal Cam, Romi introduces a rarely seen Amazonian forest animal, the short-eared dog. Click the video to find out more!

About the short-eared dog:

  • The scientific name of the short-eared dog is Atelocynus microtus.
  • Short-eared dogs are solitary, meaning that they spend most of their time alone.
  • The short-eared dog is found in the Amazon rainforest in South America, in the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and possibly Venezuela.
  • It lives in lowland forest, swamp forest, bamboo stands, and cloud forest.
  • Short-eared dogs have partially webbed paws that help them swim.
  • The short-eared dog has short limbs (legs) and a bushy tail.
  • The short-eared dog is a carnivore (meat eater). It mostly eats fish, insects, and small mammals.
  • Female short-eared dogs are larger than males.
  • Jaguars and boa constrictor snakes can hunt short-eared dogs.
  • Short-eared dogs sometimes use burrows created by giant armadillos.

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Romi says:

Special thanks to Sean McHugh for sharing this footage with us.