Travel to Africa and the island of Madagascar! Meet some amazing animals – like chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, and silky sifakas. Learn about spectacular baobab trees. And meet people taking care of nature.
Learn about Isatou Ceesay and the women helping to solve plastic pollution in The Gambia:

Did you know that monkeys can’t actually use “monkey bars?” Learn about apes:

Image: © John Mitani

Meet the desert elephants of Namibia:

Image: Elephant-Human Relations Aid.

Learn what it’s like to study elephants:

Learn about the story of environmentalist Farmer Tantoh Nforba:

Why does a giraffe have spots? Meet a scientist trying to answer this and other questions:

Image: Wild Nature Institute

Find out why George is studying giraffe genetics in Tanzania:

Image: James Madeli

Meet the silky sifaka, a lemur that lives in Madagascar:

Supplied: Edgar Rabevao

Do you know what a baobab is? Come and find out:

Image: Seheno Corduant-Andriantsaralaza