Meet the marbled cat on this episode of Candid Animal Cam:

About the marbled cat:

  • The marbled cat has unique markings that resemble the markings of the clouded leopard.
  • It is native to the eastern Himalayas and parts of Southeast Asia.
  • It lives in forests, and is found up to altitudes of 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).
  • The marbled cat is semiarboreal, meaning it spends part of its time in the trees.
  • It has adaptations for climbing such as flexible paws that can rotate when descending from trees, retractable claws, and a long tail to help with counterbalance. (An adaptation is an evolved physical trait – for instance, retractable claws in the marbled cat – that helps an organism do well and survive in its environment.)
  • The marbled cat is similar in size to a domestic cat.
  • It has a long, bushy tail.
  • It is solitary.
  • The marbled cat has good vision in low light.
  • It preys on (eats) birds, squirrels, small monkeys, and rodents.

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