Have you heard of Mongabay Kids?

Mongabay Kids has turned 1!

Mongabay Kids is celebrating our 1-year anniversary! Mongabay Kids is the nature and conservation corner for kids (and their adults). Visit us to explore, celebrate, and conserve plants, animals, and ecosystems, wherever nature happens.

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What is an endemic species?

What is an endemic species? An endemic species occurs in only one geographic location. A species could be endemic to a forest. A species could be endemic to an island. This video gives examples of endemic species: Endemic species featured in the video: Key points…

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Meet the bush dog

Check out these bush dogs caught on camera trap! Get to know me: I am a bush dog (scientific name: Speothos venaticus). I am a canid – a canid is a group of dog-like mammals that includes foxes, wolves, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, and other dog-like species.…

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