Comprehension questions:

  • Is the Geoffroy’s cat good or bad at swimming?
  • Is the Geoffroy’s cat a common or rare species of cat?
  • Where does the Geoffroy’s cat live?
  • What kind of variation in coat markings and color is seen in the Geoffroy’s cat?
  • Is the Geoffroy’s cat good at climbing? How do we know this?
  • What is the typical diet of a Geoffroy’s cat?
  • Who takes care of the kittens?
  • What behavior of the Geoffroy’s cat does Romi say is unusual for a cat?
Vocabulary from the video:
melanistic (adj.)having dark-colored skin or hair due to high levels of the pigment melanin
polygynous (adj.)when a male animal has multiple female mates
nocturnal (adj.)active mostly at night
den (n.)a hidden shelter or home for an animal
Romi’s says thanks:

To Rewilding Argentina (, for sharing their footage with us.