These are tigers:

Images: Rhett A. Butler

These are a few animals that have tiger-like markings:

A tiger-striped leaf frog:

Image taken in Peru by Rhett A. Butler

An orange-spotted tiger clearwing butterfly:

Image taken in Peru by Rhett A. Butler

A tiger leech:

Image taken in Malaysia by Rhett A. Butler

A tiger beetle:

Image taken in Indonesia by Rhett A. Butler

This is the Tasmanian tiger:

The Tasmanian tiger is an extinct meat-eating marsupial. This animal most recently lived in mainland Australia and the Australian island state of Tasmania. Tasmanian tigers are believed to have gone extinct in 1936. Being extinct means there are no more living members of this species.

Baker; E.J. Keller., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know? The Tasmanian tiger is sometimes called the Tasmanian wolf or thylacine. Indigenous peoples of Australia have many other names for the Tasmanian tiger – in Tasmania, two of the names used are kanunnah and laoonana.

Learn more about Tasmanian tigers from the Australian Museum:

Here is another great learning resource for Grade 5+ from the National Museum of Australia:


Come up with 5-10 other animals and/or plants that have tiger-like markings or coloration, or that have the word tiger in their name.

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