Part 1: giraffes are cool!

Hello my friends and welcome to World Giraffe Week!

World giraffe day, held on June 21 each year, is a special day to celebrate the world’s tallest land animal – none other than the awesome giraffe!

Why June 21? Well, it’s the longest day of the year. (In the northern hemisphere, that is. In the southern hemisphere it’s actually the longest night of the year.)

On Mongabay Kids, we’re extending the celebration of all things giraffe for a few more days beyond the 21st! Check back in later this week to learn more about giraffes, find out about their conservation status, and see what you can do to help these majestic animals continue their survival in the wild for decades to come.


Images: Megan Strauss

Giraffes are one of the most recognizable animals in the world – they aren’t often mistaken for other species!  What makes giraffes cool, and why do people love them? Let’s find out!

Fascinating facts!

Here is some cool giraffe news to get us started:

Scientists learn new things about giraffes all the time! Until the 21st century people thought that there was only one species of giraffe in Africa, the only continent where giraffes live in the wild. Using genetics, researchers are discovering that there are actually several giraffe species! The science suggests there are unique giraffe species in West Africa, East Africa, and southern Africa. Kenya, in East Africa, is the center of giraffe diversity – three species of giraffes live in Kenya!

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Giraffe pattern matching game: test your skills!

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Check back in to Mongabay Kids throughout the week for more giraffe news. We’ll talk about giraffe conservation status and what you can do to help protect giraffes. Hooray for World Giraffe Week!

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