Tag: Grade 5

Lemur ethogram activity

Time to learn about ethograms! This activity is courtesy of the Lemur Conservation Network and the Louisiana Lemur Foundation. Educators: Description of the activity (For ages 10+) This activity helps you observe lemurs at your local zoo (or via a zoo webcam). You will list…

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Rats: our urban neighbors

Michael Parsons studies rats in cities. Most people find rats yucky, so why would anyone want to study them? Lab logo. Image courtesy of Michael Parsons. One reason is that rats cause billions of dollars a year in damage through loss of food, starting fires…

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Meet the Moth-ers: Pritha from India

Who are the Moth-ers? Lovers of moths, that’s who! In this series, we meet some moth-ers from around the world. We’ll learn why moths are interesting and how everyone can enjoy their beauty. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to get outside and go mothing yourself! From…

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