Let’s appreciate frogs…because frogs are fabulous.

There are at least 6000 different species of frogs that we know about. Let’s look at a few close up.

Look at the interesting eyes of these frogs:

Look at the wide mouths of these frogs:

Notice the different colors and skin textures of these frogs:

Look how the feet of these frogs can adhere and grip to surfaces:

All images by Rhett A. Butler

All these amazing frogs (and many more!) live on our planet. This is something to celebrate.

Unfortunately, many frogs around the world are facing challenges. Populations are declining and some species are faced with extinction. But we can all help frogs thrive. Learn about frogs that live in your local area. Visit your local nature center or library and find what you can do to help protect frogs and their habitats.

Learn some general facts about frogs. Read this 4-part series: