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Celebrate Superb Owls!

Learn about Superb Owls with Mongabay Kids: Not all owls nest in trees. Read about owls that go underground! Burrowing owl. Image: Rhett A. Butler Read about the 2021 discovery of two new screech owls! Alagoas screech owl. Image: Gustavo Malacco.

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Hey! Don’t poach us!

Learn more about Venus flytraps and how to protect them. Visit the US Fish & Wildlife Service website: *Mongabay Kids is not responsible for content published on external sites.

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Wonderful wetlands!

Let’s celebrate the world’s wonderful wetlands! What is a wetland? A wetland is an area of land that is covered with water,or where the soil is saturated. Saturated means that the soil holds lots of moisture. Did you know? Not all wetlands are wet all…

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