Rainforests are amazing places full of life!

Rainforests are essential for the health of humans and our planet. Why?

  • rainforests support a tremendous diversity of plants and animals
  • they help regulate the climate
  • they are a valued home to many people around the world
  • they provide us with resources like clean air and medicine
Finds lots of rainforest facts for kids from Mongabay:


And check out this article from Mongabay.com on the world’s great rainforests:

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Official World Rainforest Day website


Visit to view and register for the events for adults and kids.

About World Rainforest Day:
  • World Rainforest Day is celebrated annually on June 22. 
  • Founded by Rainforest Partnership, World Rainforest Day recognizes standing, healthy forests as one of the most powerful and cost-effective climate change mitigation tools we have— and creates a global movement to protect and restore them. 
  • The annual World Rainforest Day Summit is a community-powered event by rainforest guardians and environmental champions, offering education, entertainment, and community building to drive more holistic impact for critical ecosystems.