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What is an endemic species?

Endemic species: An endemic species is a species that occurs in only one geographic location, such as a forest, state, country, or island. Watch this video about several endemic animals to learn more! Examples of endemic species featured in the video: Blue-billed curassow, found only…

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My Wetland Animal Template Book

Created by Lisa Algee Squirrel book Completed Student Examples 3rd Grade : Wetlands Mountain Lion Wetlands Gopher Snake Wetlands Brush Rabbit Wetlands Bobcat 4th Grade : Wetlands Western Scrub Jay Wetlands Pallid Bat Wetlands California Newt Wetlands California Ground Squirrel 5th Grade : Wetlands Western…

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Learn about a local animal

Lions, tigers, sharks, bears, and giraffes are pretty cool animals, right? But did you know that there are all kinds of other amazing creatures living in your backyard, local park, or city … We encourage kids, big and small, to learn something new about an…

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