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World Giraffe Week

June 17-21, 2024

It is that time of year when we throw a special party for the world’s tallest animal. This year’s theme is super spots!

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World Giraffe Week

Super Spots poem

World Giraffe Week

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World Giraffe Week

Giraffe classroom activity

Giraffe Spotter game

This year’s celebration of World Giraffe Week is dedicated to legendary giraffeologist and Junior Giraffe Club founder Dr. Anne Innis Dagg (1933-2024). Read our interview with Anne. To learn more about Anne’s contributions to science, conservation, and education visit the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation website.

We thank the World Giraffe Week 2024 Design Team

Designer Lindsey

Lindsey Johnson is a graphic designer and painter from Lincoln, Nebraska. She loves hiking and being outdoors whenever she can. She also holds a special place in her heart for puppies.

Designer Abby B

Abby Bubak is a graphic designer from Lincoln, Nebraska. She grew up in Kazakhstan, where her family sells popcorn. She loves all forms of art.

Designer Johna M

Johna Moural is a graphic designer from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has loved giraffes since she was a baby. She also loves learning about and seeing new types of flowers and plants.

Stacy with a bicycle

This team was art directed by Stacy Asher, Associate Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Stacy is an artist and designer who enjoys facilitating opportunities for learning and sharing stories. She would rather ride a bicycle than drive a car and is happiest outdoors in nature.

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