Are you ready for this month’s Seek challenge? Get outside and give it a go.

stewardship challenge

Seek: Neighborhood Challenge

This Nature Challenge was created by Seek (by iNaturalist):

Your mission:

Everyone can have a positive impact on biodiversity! You can advocate for wildlife in a place like your own yard, a protected area, or a local park. Protecting nature starts by noticing the plants, fungi, and animals in the places that you care about. Look for different species across the tree of life.

  • Find 1 plant in the classes Lycopodiopsida or Polypodiopsida (lycophytes & ferns)
  • Find 1 plant in the class Pinopsida (conifers)
  • Find 1 plant in the subphylum Angiospermae (flowering plants)
  • Find 1 fungus
  • Find 2 vertebrates (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, & fish)
  • Find 1 insect
  • Find 1 spider

What is Seek? And how do you get started?

Seek (by iNaturalist) is a kid-safe app that helps you explore nature and get to know your local species!

Seek identifies and names plants, animals, and fungi by using the camera on a phone or tablet device. Seek also provides facts about the species you observe to deepen your understanding.

You can use Seek anywhere! Try your backyard, local park, or a nature reserve. Exciting new challenges are released monthly.

To try Seek, ask your parent or educator to visit the iNaturalist website. Or, they can click here for more information.

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