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Hey! Don’t poach us!

Learn more about Venus flytraps and how to protect them. Visit the US Fish & Wildlife Service website: https://www.fws.gov/southeast/wildlife/plants/venus-flytrap/ https://www.fws.gov/southeast/articles/buyer-beware-do-not-buy-poached-venus-flytrap-plants/ *Mongabay Kids is not responsible for content published on external sites.

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My Wetland Plant Template Book

Created by Lisa Algee Wild rose Completed Student Examples 4th Grade : Wetlands Steller’s Jay Wetlands California Wild Rose 5th Grade : Wetlands Bush Key Flower Pen Pals Wetlands Bush Key Flower My Wetland Book on _______________  Written by ________________________        Hello fellow students.  My…

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My Wetland Animal Template Book

Created by Lisa Algee Squirrel book Completed Student Examples 3rd Grade : Wetlands Mountain Lion Wetlands Gopher Snake Wetlands Brush Rabbit Wetlands Bobcat 4th Grade : Wetlands Western Scrub Jay Wetlands Pallid Bat Wetlands California Newt Wetlands California Ground Squirrel 5th Grade : Wetlands Western…

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