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Talking to Celery

Today’s Guest: Apium graveolens, commonly known as Celery Sofia Ceiba: Howdy! Today we are meeting someone that may be familiar to you all as a healthy nutritious snack or ingredient in your favorite … Yelly Celery:  SNACK FOOD!  WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SNACK FOOD?! …

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We should all celebrate soil!

Soil is very important! Without soil there would not be many ecosystems on land. Soil provides a home and food for plants. Soil is the base of terrestrial (land-based) food chains. Soil is home for many species of animals and microorganisms, too. Soil helps store…

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Mountain ash tree

Today’s guest: the mountain ash tree Sofia: Hi, I’m Sofia Ceiba, and on this episode of Talking to Plants we are going to meet the mountain ash tree (Eucalyptus regnans). We are going live to the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia to talk with Granny Gumster,…

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