Author, illustrator, and explorer Katy Tanis has created this beautiful artwork to celebrate the rediscovery of Attenborough’s long-beaked echidna in the Cyclops Mountains of western New Guinea. There are 10 other types of animals hiding in the picture. Can you find them?

Illustration: Katy Tanis

Can you find these animals?

  • 6 echidnas
  • 1 Mayr’s honeyeater (hint: a bird; recently rediscovered after 16 years)
  • 2 one-eyed owls (hint: not an owl)
  • 1 unstriped tube-nosed bat
  • 1 Cyclops skink
  • 1 twelve-wired bird-of-paradise (hint: colorful)
  • 1 Choerophryne frog (a newly discovered species!)
  • 1 black-spotted cuscus
  • 1 common green birdwing (hint: a butterfly)
  • 1 New Guinean quoll (hint: white spots)
  • 1 coconut tree snake

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