World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June 2022. The United Nations hosts this event to raise awareness about the ocean and its importance to our planet.

Learn about World Oceans Day

Visit the United Nations World Oceans Day website for more information about the event, this year’s theme (Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean) and to access educational resources:

Why is the ocean important?

The ocean is full of fantastic and fascinating things – from brightly-colored coral reefs bursting with life to mysterious creatures of deep, dark marine trenches.

The ocean supplies oxygen for us to breathe. It stores carbon and helps regulate the climate. It provides us with resources like food and medicine. And it is where we play and have fun. What an awesome ocean!

Image: NOAA
Visit NOAA to learn about the ocean
Resources on oceans and ocean creatures from Mongabay Kids

Challenge yourself to the coral reef quiz!

Help improve our oceans!

Dispose of trash (rubbish) carefully. Do not pollute waterways. Organize a clean-up! We can make a difference.