Kids around the world love giraffes. Now kids in Tanzania who live around wild giraffes and kids in Canada (Ontario and British Columbia), the United States (New York, Washington DC and Washington State), and Ireland are talking with each other about giraffes and about what life is like where they live.

The Junior Giraffe Club of the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation is sponsoring a pen pal program between club members and students living in Tanzania to share their love and thoughts about giraffes and the environment they live in.  

Naebless from Tanzania and Sabina from the United States wrote to each other about how much they like giraffes and reading about them. Sabina said that she would like to see a giraffe in the wild someday, and Naebless welcomed her to come to Tanzania to see giraffes, as well as elephants, lions, leopards, and rhinos.  

Clare from Canada and Esther from Tanzania communicated about their mutual love of giraffes, songs, and books.

Sometimes it is difficult to make connections between the pen pals, as students may not have access to an electronic means of communication (such as a computer or cell phone) or be able to afford the cost of postage for letters. However, the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation is working to find ways to keep the kids in Tanzania and the rest of the world connected. Hopefully there are many more exchanges ahead between these kids around the world who love giraffes and want to help find ways to protect them.