17 February 2024 is World Pangolin Day!

Pangolins are awesome scaly mammals. There are 8 species of pangolins: 4 in Africa and 4 in Asia. But pangolins around the world are at risk of extinction. Pangolins are hunted in large numbers for their scales and meat.

We can help them by becoming aware. Learn about these fascinating mammals. Learn why they are important. Help pangolins by telling others what you learn. Support pangolin conservation efforts.

Courtesy of the IUCN SSC Pangolin SG and the Global Center for Species Survival

This where the different types of pangolins live:

Are you lucky enough to have pangolins living near you?

Courtesy of the IUCN SSC Pangolin SG and the Global Center for Species Survival

Would you like to learn more about pangolins? Of course!

From Mongabay Kids:

More pangolin resources

Facts and information about how to help pangolins:

Feeling creative?

Pangolin crafts from Rachel Shaw, creator of Pipisin Pangolin:


More inspiration, pangolin style!

1. What do you think a pangolin looks like?

Maybe a living pine cone? Try think of some other animals or plants that a pangolin resembles.

2. Pangolin portraiture

Paint or draw a picture of a scaly pangolin. Can you imagine a portrait of a pangolin hanging in an art museum somewhere? What would it look like? Be creative and have fun with your art.

3. Pangolin poetry

Challenge yourself to create a poem about pangolins. Perhaps you want to write about the problems that pangolins face and how we can help them.

Or maybe you want write a perfect pangolin poem that uses words beginning with the letter P.

Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words (Oxford Dictionary). “Spotted skunks” and “perfect pangolins” are examples of alliteration Alliteration is a technique that writers use to make writing more interesting and engaging. Alliteration is sometimes used in nursery rhymes and poems.

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