Note: This is Activity 1 of the water cycle lesson for grades 3–5.

Purpose:  To solidify the stages of the water cycle by creating colorful mobiles that will be showcased in the classroom for parents to see.

Materials:  Recycled paper plates or construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, pencil, scissors, hole-puncher, yarn, and tape.


  • Students will use the symbols from Lesson 1 to sketch each stage of the water cycle (see circle template below).
  • Students can either write or type their understanding of each scientific concept in a table format and tape on the back of their mobile (see table template below).
  • Students can hang up their mobiles by punching a hole at the top and threading yarn and/or string through the hole.

Note:  These colorful mobiles can be showcased in the classroom during Open HouseBack to School NightParent Conference Week, etc.  Parents love to see what their children are learning and students love to share what they have learned with their parents.

Water cycle concepts


Completed Student Examples :

3rd Grade: Jasmine’s water cycle mobile

4th Grade: Zayra’s water cycle mobile

5th Grade: Dannika’s water cycle mobile