Migration challenge

This Nature Challenge was created by Seek (by iNaturalist):

Your mission:

Millions of birds migrate from one country to another to escape cold weather and to find food. Keeping track of when wildlife migrates can help us understand how climate change is affecting the natural world. Seek birds visiting your local area and find out where else they spend their time.

Find 5 birds.

What is Seek? And how do you participate?

Seek (by iNaturalist) is a kid-safe app that helps you get outside, explore nature, and become a master naturalist! Using the camera on a phone or tablet device, Seek helps you name and identify plants, animals, and fungi. Seek also connects you to more information about the species you observe.

To learn more, ask your parent or educator to visit the iNaturalist website. Or, they can click here for more information.

New challenges are released at the start of each month. To participate, you will need access to the app on a phone or tablet device. You can seek out plants, animal, and fungi in your backyard, local park, or nature reserve. Give it a go and become a naturalist today!

October art challenge: draw 7 birds

Pick a week in October and draw a bird for each day of the week!

For example, you could choose:

  • 7 birds that migrate
  • 7 of your favorite birds
  • 7 types of parrots
  • 7 large birds
  • 7 birds of prey

To share your art with us, parents or guardians can email us using the contact information on our About Us page.

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October Species of the Week!

Meet a new species each week related to the challenge.

Week 1: Arctic tern

Arctic tern

Image of Arctic tern: © Bridget Spencer (CC BY-NC), via iNaturalist

Learn more about Arctic Terns:

Week 2: bar-headed goose

bar-headed goose

Image of bar-headed goose: © Uday Agashe (CC BY-NC), via iNaturalist

Week 3: sandhill crane

sandhill crane

Image of sandhill crane: © Edward Perry IV (CC BY-NC), via iNaturalist

Learn more about sandhill cranes at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Week 4: American robin

American robin

Image of American robin: © Kathy Richardson (CC BY-NC), via iNaturalist

Learn more about American robins at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and at Audubon.org

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