African wild dog = painted dog

The African wild dog is also known by other names: for instance, painted dog, painted wolf and African hunting dog. Its scientific name is Lycaon pictus.

A wild dog. Image: Rhett A. Butler

A few facts about the African wild dog

  • Wild dogs are native to grasslands, savannas and arid (dry) habitats of sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Each dog has a unique coat pattern.
  • Wild dogs have large, rounded ears and a bushy tail.
  • They live in packs and have strong social bonds.
  • Wild dogs are skilled pack hunters that chase down their prey.
  • They eat a variety of prey, from rodents to medium-sized antelopes like impalas and Thomson’s gazelles.

Wild dogs are endangered – there are fewer than 7000 remaining in the wild.

Watch African wild dogs caught on camera trap!

Looking for an art activity?

Create your own, beautifully marked painted dog!

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Conservation in action:

This video is about a conservation project that recently moved a group of wild dogs to the country of Malawi. It is hoped the wild dogs will thrive in their new home.

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