Doug Beetle chats with:


George Manioudakis

Image: George Manioudakis

George Manioudakis is an artist and designer based in the Dandenong Ranges, outside of Melbourne, Australia. George is inspired by nature. @manofdarkness

Doug Beetle: Please tell us a little about yourself. What kind of art do you create? What materials do you like to use for your artworks?

George: My name is George and I have been working as a professional artist since 2010. I studied graphic design after I finished high school. I live in the Dandenong Ranges (south-east of Melbourne, Australia) with my partner and my 1-year-old son. I love rock climbing, going camping and exercising in my spare time. I like to create murals and paintings on canvas. I enjoy working with spray paint, oil paint, acrylic and colored pencils.

Doug Beetle: What does the natural world mean to you? How does it inspire your art?

George: The natural world is a beautiful, calming and peaceful. I often like to use nature in my artwork. A lot of my ideas come during long walks in the forest or mountains.

Doug Beetle: Please tell us about your new mural. What animals does it feature? And why did you paint them? 

Wallaby mural in progress. Photo: George Manioudakis

Wallaby mural by George Manioudakis. Photo: George Manioudakis

George: I recently painted a mural in Belgrave. It is on an old wooden shed. I used bright colors so the artwork stood out. It features the forest in the background with a swamp wallaby in the middle and two crimson rosellas (the parrots) on either side. I chose these animals because they are local inhabitants of the Dandenong Ranges and I wanted to commemorate them in an artwork.

Doug Beetle: Why did you choose this location for your mural? What message are you hoping to send to those who drive past it?

 George: I sadly found a wallaby and her joey (baby) on the road not far from this location last winter. They were hit by a car and had unfortunately died. This mural was designed to remind drivers to slow down and take care of our wildlife. 

Doug Beetle: Do you have a favorite animal or plant that you like to paint? 

George: I had a lot of fun painting this tiger snake recently.

Tiger snake by George Manioudakis. Photo: George Manioudakis
Doug Beetle: Do you have any advice for kids who love both art and nature and hope to become artists?

George: I would say to keep practicing and try and draw as much as you can. Try drawing a different animal every day.

Some more of George’s awesome art!

All artwork and photos by George Manioudakis.

Art is powerful!

Create your own artwork. Inspire others to see the beauty in nature. Inspire change.

Activity idea: paint a nature mural!

Brighten up your school campus and connect with nature!

Ask your art teacher (or other teachers at school) if your class can paint a nature mural too. You might choose to paint a local plant or animal species. Or maybe a colorful nature scene.