For thousands of years animals have inspired artists and designers.

(Think of cave paintings, leopard print clothes, dog portraits and more!)

Among them, is illustrator and designer Craig Frazier.

Craig created a typeface – a set of letters, numbers and characters – literally out of animals! Craig’s typeface is aptly named Critter:

Activity 1: Decode the Critter alphabet.

Can you identify each of the animals in the Critter alphabet? Note: each letter in the Critter alphabet depicts an animal whose name starts with that letter.

Here are a few clues to get you started: 

  • A is for ape
  • K is for koala
  • H is for hare

You may have to do some research or work with parents, friends or classmates to solve this puzzle. Did you figure out the animal that is featured on letter X?

Try writing your name by drawing out the letters of the Critter alphabet. Pretty cool, huh?

Activity 2: Create your own animal alphabet

Now that you’ve carefully studied the Critter alphabet, perhaps you’d like to create your own animal alphabet. (Or maybe you’d like to be extra adventurous and try a plant-themed alphabet!)

Be creative! What features of the animals you’ve selected can you use to design your letters? Maybe your alphabet will use photos/drawings of animal skins instead, such as giraffe spots for the letter G, or snake skin for the letter S.

Can you think of another animal other than a zebra to represent the letter Z?

By Mongabay Kids