You’ve probably noticed that some trees have no leaves in winter while others remain green.

Deciduous, marcescent, and evergreen are adjectives used to describe the way that leaves persist on trees.

Deciduous trees – like gingko and maples – shed their leaves each year, usually in autumn. Before the leaves fall, they change color to yellow, orange, red, or brown depending on the type of tree.

Some trees have marcescent leaves – like some oaks and beeches. This means that leaves dry out and change color, but they hold on a little longer. Marcescent leaves may drop to the ground in spring, before new leaves come in. 

Evergreen trees – like pines, eucalypts, and citruses – remain green throughout the year. Evergreen trees do lose leaves, but their leaves don’t fall all at one time.

If you’re curious to know why deciduous trees shed their leaves, check out this explainer article for kids from The Conversation.

P.S. Felix the tree says it’s not cool to pick on others! What makes each of us different also makes us unique.