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Food and exercise

Note: this activity is part of the lesson on photosynthesis. Activity 3: Food and exercise Purpose: To bring awareness to the fact that food and exercise can impact one’s energy level and overall health. For one week, students will keep track and reflect on their food…

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Photosynthesis mobile

Note: This activity is associated with the lesson on photosynthesis. Activity 1: Photosynthesis mobile Students can either draw a large circle on a piece of yellow construction paper or paint a paper plate yellow to construct a mobile. They can even add sunrays in any…

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By Lisa Algee 3rd–5th Grade (upper elementary/primary) Note: This is lesson 2 in a 4-part series on the water cycle, photosynthesis, exploring ecosystems, and scientific inquiry in local ecosystems. Find lessons 1, 3 and 4 here (click relevant link). Overview (a)    What is photosynthesis and why…

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