Activity 4: Sun or tree metaphor

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Tree metaphor

Tree metaphor

Purpose: To understand metaphors and how to construct them.

Materials: Recycled paper, pencil, colored pencils, crayons, marker, watercolor paper, watercolors, and water cups.

Common Core Standards:

English Language Arts Standards:

Reading  Language:

Craft and Structure:

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.5.4 (fifth) Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative language such as metaphors and similes.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS):

Understandings about the Nature of Science:

Science is a human endeavor:

Science affects everyday life; Creativity and imagination are important to science.

Procedure: (Discuss metaphors)

• Have you ever heard someone say that something was like something else but that something is completely different than the thing they are comparing it to? Huh? Let me give you an example, “Her smile reminds me of a warm, bright sun.” A smile and the sun are completely different things, yet they are connected because a smile can be warm and bright just like the sun. Let’s try another one, “A tree’s limbs remind me of a person stretching their arms out for a hug.”

• Have students practice sun and/or tree metaphors with you and with each other.

• The definition of a metaphor is a figure of speech in which a term that ordinarily designates an object or idea is used to designate a dissimilar object or idea in order to suggest comparison or analogy.

• Encourage students to do a sun or tree metaphor along with a drawing or water- color painting. Note: If students choose to paint, cut a piece of watercolor paint and paste on metaphor writing activity below (pdf)

• Students can share their work with their classmates and parents. These can also be showcased in the classroom (see below).

• Note: Students can fill in the word sun or tree in the title of their metaphor (see pdf)

My ________ metaphor





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PDF Version

Completed Student Examples :

3rd Grade :

Tree Metaphor

Sun Light Bulb Metaphor

Sun Metaphor

4th Grade :

Tree Great Giver Metaphor

Tree Metaphor

Sun Metaphor

5th Grade :

Tree Pink Lemonade Metaphor

Sun Light Bulb Metaphor

Sun Heats Egg Metaphor

Sun Heat Metaphor

Sun Golden Diamond Metaphor