Student Water Cycle Worksheet

Posted By on Dec 19, 2013

Waterfall in the Borneo rainforest

Waterfall in the Borneo rainforest

Student Water Cycle Worksheet (pdf)

Define each concept below and provide a sketch using symbols.  For example:

  • A yellow circle can represent the sun
  • A large flat blue circle can represent an ocean or lake
  • A large flat blue rectangle can represent a river
  • A gray oval can represent a cloud
  • A green triangle can represent a tree
  • Arrows pointing upward can represent vapor rising
  • Arrows pointing downward can represent rain falling
  • Small white circles can represent snow
  • Small gray circles can represent hail
  • A gray square can represent ice

What is a water cycle? 

What comes first in the water cycle?

Since the water cycle is a continuous loop, there really is no beginning or end, however there is an order of four stages that are continuous.  Can you figure out which stage comes first, second, third and fourth?   Once you have found your information for each stage, you can cut each stage along the dotted lines and rearrange them in an order that makes sense to you.  Work with a partner or in small groups.  Note:  The first stage has three components and they all belong together, so this stage will be a larger piece of paper compared with the other stages.

Cut on dotted lines


Stage _:  How does water get into Earth’s atmosphere?

There are three ways that water gets into Earth’s atmosphere:

(a.)  Evaporation:  (Define)


Evaporation (Sketch using symbols)








(b.) Transpiration:











(c.)  Sublimation:

















Stage _:  How does water fall from Earth’s atmosphere? 













Stage _:  How is water stored or collected on Earth? 












Stage _:   How is water temporarily held and/or stored in Earth’s









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