Student Photosynthesis Worksheet

Posted By on Dec 16, 2013

Rainforest of the Darien, Colombia

1. What does photosynthesis mean? You may be able to figure it out just by looking at the prefix photo and the root word synthesis.

2. What are the major players in photosynthesis? In other words, photosynthesis consists of what major components?

3. How important is the sun in photosynthesis and what role does it play?

4. How important are trees and green plants in photosynthesis and what role do they play?

5. Can you describe the process of photosynthesis? What happens first, second, third, etc.?




6. How and why is photosynthesis important to our planet?

7. How and why is photosynthesis important to animals?

8. Could we live without photosynthesis? Why? Explain your answer.

9. What would happen if the process of photosynthesis became disrupted, i.e., loss of trees due to deforestation (cutting down forests), too much carbon dioxide due to burning non renewable sources of energy (oil, gasoline, coal) and wood?)

10. Is there anything human beings can due to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) released into Earth’s atmosphere? Why is this important?

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