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Mongabay's Environment Hall of Fame

Dr. Hermann Atila Hrdlicka - Brazil's giant "Dr. Jones"
By Christa Maas

If he had a whip and a leather jacket he probably would remind us of another famous explorer in the movies called "Dr. Jones", only this one is much taller! This professor graduated from the USP in administration and law and also holds a masters degree in administration (1994). He is studying to become a specialist in environmental conservation.

Dr. Hermann loves sailing and once spent 40 hours during a storm off the coast of Antarctica on his sailboat Rapa-nui. Hermann Atila Hrdlicka is active in teaching, marketing, business, environmental management strategic planning and marketing, accounting, business plans, economy and orientation work to those concluding their courses.

We were very happy to be honored by an interview:

Christa: What led you to become interested in environmental preservation?

Hermann: Since I was about Five years old my grandparents taught me that we must never waste anything in nature. They always said: "if you do something bad to our planet, then what would I have to offer to your own grandchildren?" This was just the first step and I continued to learn, because a large part of my family are agronomic engineers and my older brother has already been working for a long time, trying to recover forests and lands that other people have destroyed.

Christa: How do you preserve the environment today?

Herrmann: Well, I am a teacher, I plant trees and I AM studying myself to become a specialist in environmental preservation.

Christa: What is environmental management?

Hermann: I will try to explain this as easy as possible: its means all the practices and techniques, used together to reduce, control and even eliminate the harm mankind does or has done to nature.

Christa: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned, related to environmental preservation?

Hermann: The most valuable lesson I have learned is that we are all part of a planet where everything is connected. If you grow a small wood in your back yard, a lot of birds and animals will come and live there. At my mother's house there are many trees and plants and every day we see tropical birds and even little "saguis", playful small Brazilian monkeys.

Christa: What is the most exciting experience or adventure you ever had?

Hermann: Well, I have made a lot of journeys, but what I loved the most was to see the giant glaciers on the Continent Antarctica – a journey I undertook with my sail boat in 1991.

Christa: Qual é a sua mensagem para as crianças do mundo?

Hermann: The children of the world should know that we humans depend on this planet. This is where we have to live, and all of this planet's life is in danger because we humans have been very selfish. We have to fix this very quickly, because the future of our grandchildren and the grandchildren of all the animals that live on our planet is threatened. Our planet and all the creatures on it don't deserve to be treated this way.

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