The world is full of moths! Humans have recorded more than 150,000 species of moths. But scientists think there may be as many as 500,000 moth species on Earth. That means there are many more moths to discover!

Today we’re highlighting some fabulous moths that can be found in Mexico.

So far, scientists have documented about 14,500 species of lepidopterans (moths and butterflies) in Mexico. Moth-ers (moth observers) are working hard to find, record, and describe more species. Click the links below to meet some of these amazing moths.

Meet some beautiful moths of Mexico!

A collection of beautiful moth photographs.

Meet 10 amazing moths of mexico!

This article includes facts and photographs about 10 cool moth species (with Spanish translation).

Would you like to learn more about moths and maybe even discover a new species?

You can participate in Moth Week, a citizen science project that records moth sightings around the world. Recording moths is fun. Learn how to participate, look for an event near you, or register your own mothing event by visiting

In 2022, Moth Week is July 23-31.

Moth resources:

Moth facts & activities on Mongabay Kids

View moth specimens in the Smithsonian Institution’s collection

Learn about the Mariposas de México, diurnas y nocturnas group

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