The Vibrantly Blue, Vibrantly Illustrious Cassowary

by | 28th January 2013

Have you ever head of the Cassowary? It’s a large flightless bird that hosts a colorful scheme of feathers. The cassowary is a large bird known for its elaborate head crest and vibrant blue colors that roams the rainforest of northern Australia and New Guinea.

Southern Cassowary. Photo courtesy of Bianca Keeley.

  • The Cassowary is know for both its charismatic and mysterious nature.
  • Recently the Cassowary is engaged in a bitter life and death struggle after a major cyclone destroyed a large portion of their rainforest home.
  • Their story is soon to be told though as the film “Cassowaries” makes its debut at the New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.
  • “Cassowaries tells the action-packed, heart-warming stories of the cassowaries of North-Eastern Australia struggling to survive after a one in 50 year cyclone destroyed their rainforest homes, while revealing for the first time the natural history of the magnificent endangered southern cassowary.”- Bianca Keeley, Cassowaries Film Maker
  • The film includes highlights such as the viewing of a male Cassowary raising his children from two weeks to nine months.


Want to learn more? Read the full story here: Getting intimate with a giant, yet poorly known flightless bird: the cassowary


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