Baby Leatherback Turtles are in Trouble with Rising Temperatures

by | 28th November 2012

One of the most amazing creatures on our planet is being threatened by the earths rising temperatures, the leatherback sea turtle. The leatherback was already threatened by fisherman and egg poaching, but adding rising temperatures to this list could make for an unpleasant future.

A female leatherback surveys the ocean at Playa Grande, Costa Rica. While her hatchlings will be affected by rising beach temperatures, she faces threats at sea. Photo by: The Leatherback Trust.

  • The leatherback turtle is the largest known turtle in the world. Named for their characteristic leathery, almost rubber like, shells.
  • These turtles spend almost all of their lives in the ocean, with females only returning to land every 3 or 4 years in order to lay their eggs.
  • The issue though lies in that fact that fewer baby turtles will hatch and get out into the ocean in such dry hot conditions, instead of the cooler ones that the baby turtles prefer.
  • This could make the already small population of leatherback turtles 75% smaller!
  • To try and help save the baby turtles from this fate scientist have been investigating ways to shade and water leatherback turtle nesting sites in order to help the babies survive.

Want to read more? Read the full story here: Climate change threatens population of Earth’s largest sea turtle

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