Nine new spooky and beautiful Tarantulas discovered in time for Halloween

by | 12th November 2012

Of all the creepy crawlies that people are most scared of Tarantulas usually rank around the highest. It seems fitting then that just in time for the end of Halloween season scientists have found nine new species of Tarantulas! These large, hairy, and unique arachnids may be in trouble though if we don’t pitch in to save them.

Male specimen of new species: Iridopelma oliveirai. Photo courtesy of R. Bertani.

A female Typhochlaena seladonia. Photo courtesy of R. Bertani.

  • All nine species were found in Brazil, South America.
  • All were found to be arboreal, meaning that they all spend most of their time living in trees.
  • These “tree living” tarantulas are much smaller and leaner than their non tree living cousins, they also have longer legs to help them get around.
  • Many of these tarantulas live in bromeliads- flowers that live on other plants and are shaped like a pitcher.
  • Bugs often come to these flowers to get the water that is stored in them. This gives the tarantulas somewhere to live where the food comes right to them!
  • Their bright vibrant colors also make them beautiful to look at, but also attracts people to steal them for the pet trade.
  • The destruction of these tarantulas’ homes because of deforestation is also a large contributor to the tarantulas dropping number.

Want to learn more? Read the full story: Happy Halloween: nine new species of tree-climbing tarantula discovered

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