Blue Iguana populations saved for future generations

by | 29th October 2012

Blue iguana in Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Photo by: Lhb1239.

In a time when animal species are dying its great to see one being saved. In just a ten-year period the Blue Iguana has risen from only having 10 to 25 iguanas left, to over 400! The Blue Iguana Recovery Team is responsible for this remarkable success and has saved this species from extinction.

  • The blue iguana is recognized by its beautiful turquoise color, it can also live for over sixty years in captivity.  That sure is a long time!
  • They can grow over five feet long and are only found on the Grand Cayman Island (in the Caribbean).
  • The Blue Iguana population has gotten 15 times larger in the past ten years.
  • Before the number of Blue Iguanas was going down due to a loss of their homes, being hit by cars, and being attacked by household animals such as cat and dogs.
  • To help fight this issue the Blue Iguana Recovery Team raised baby Blue Iguanas till they could fend for themselves and released them into protected areas around the island.
  • Right now over 400 adult blue iguanas again roam Grand Cayman, making rare good news in our planet’s extinction crisis!

Want to learn more? Read the full story: Remarkable comeback: blue iguana downgraded to Endangered after determined conservation efforts

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