Rainforest in Peru

RAINFORESTS PROVIDE A HOME FOR PLANTS AND WILDLIFE     Click here for more detailed information about rainforests!

Rainforests are home to a large number of the world’s plant and animals species, including many endangered species. As forests are cut down, many species are doomed to extinction.

Peter Raven, a famous biologist, discusses some of the threats to the world's species in this interview
Most rainforest species can survive only in their natural habitat. As their habitat is destroyed, many well-known rainforest species are threatened with extinction, including orangutans, rhinos, tigers, gorillas, elephants, as well as many birds, monkeys, reptiles, and amphibians.

Zoos cannot save all animals.


By Rhett Butler

Date published: June 24, 2004 | Last updated: December 5, 2015